be a part of dirt!

Published Thursday, July 09 , 2009 by Emily Cataneo for The Independent

"fun and accessible…"

Published Monday, June 22 , 2009 by Harriette Yahr for Indiewire

"…we need to pay better attention to the earth under our feet…"

Published Wednesday, June 17 , 2009 by Amy Wallace for Prlog

"takes a unique look at people and the soil they tread."

Published Tuesday, June 02 , 2009 by Shannon L. Bowen for The Hollywood Reporter

"…an uplifting story about people from all walks of life who are striving to renew our relationshipwith the ground beneath our feet."

Published Tuesday, January 27 , 2009 by David D’Arcy for TheNacional

"…a fascinating documentary that celebrates the soil that covers our planet."

Published Tuesday, January 27 , 2009 by Stephen Hinton for The Humanitarian Water and Food Award

"…a humorous and substantial look into the history and current state of the living organic matter that we come from and will later return to."

Published Saturday, January 17 , 2009 by Tamara Krinsky for

"It made me want to get my hands dirty."

Published Tuesday, January 13 , 2009 by Kenneth Turan for Los Angeles Times

"An invigorating look at an invaluable substance we take for granted."

Published Wednesday, August 05 , 2009 by Andrew Barker for Variety

"Thought-provoking…welcome humor and visual pizzazz"