Community Garden Week Time to Dig In!

We’re so excited we could soil ourselves — or at least our gardens. This week is National Community Gardening Week according to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. The Obama administration has signaled their ongoing commitment to encourage community gardening by taking this week to highlight the importance of soil cultivation in our communities.

We’re impressed with the administration, which is digging itself a hole. Lots of them actually. The USDA is installing “People’s Gardens” at their facilities around the world. These community gardens are meant as a resource for people to grow their own food and food for the needy. Just this summer, the People’s Garden at the USDA headquarters in DC grew and donated more than 170 pounds to homeless shelters and soup kitchens!
Our movement is growing. More and more people are seeing the value of protecting our soil and connecting with it. Communities are coming together by working the land and the fruits of their labor are sweet – and savory – and always delicious.

DIRT! The Movie is just the beginning. Understanding the importance of dirt is critical, but more important is taking action to save our soil – and our soul – as a nation. We applaud the Obama administration for bringing this issue to the forefront. We hope people like you will keep the movement growing by watching Dirt! The Movie and sharing it with friends.

We also hope to inspire people like you also to take action, like getting involved with community gardening and get dirty with us. Check out these great Garden Tips, and Recipes, courtesy of the USDA.