Interesting Dirt from the White House

The White House released an inspiring new video about the vegetable garden planted by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, as part of its ongoing series, “Inside The White House.” We here at Dirt! enthusiastically support home gardens (no matter what kind of house it is) as an antidote to the mono-culture, industrial agriculture that’s rapidly killing the health of our land and the quality of our food.

The video takes us through the first stages of tilling and organically fertilizing the soil (with among other things, local Chesapeake Bay crab meal) which White House chef, Sam Kass described as “setting the foundation we’ll build on for years to come.”

Then, using heirloom seeds from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, the garden is planted by the First Lady and children from the local Bancroft Elementary School. Giving kids the opportunity to get their hands dirty, as our film shows with Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard program, promotes not just a love and appreciation for the soil, but healthy habits and good nutrition.

We at Dirt! whole-heartedly approve of the White House’s new garden and hope it inspires you to Get Dirty with us and plot out a little piece of your yard.