Speak for the Trees Victory!

Land saved from clearcutting by Speak for the Trees Oregon. Forever.

After a grueling campaign to save a 110 acre area of land in Southern Oregon from devastating clear-cutting practices, Speak for the Trees Oregon, a non-profit headed by Matt Ramsey and wife Lydia Doleman, finally reached an agreement with the encroaching logging company to end the cutting that was indefinitely ruining both the trees and wildlife in the surrounding area.

You can view their eye-opening campaign video and heartwarming followup video below (both created by Dean Hawn) that document the issue as well as the success story.  The final victory was made possible by the continual support of the grassroots community over several years, and many generous donations that went towards purchasing the land so that it would be safe forever.

“…come back here in 20 years, we will all stand here again and see what it looks like and know that it’s safe from the axe, and thats kind of cool.”

~ Matt Ramsey, Founder of Speak for the Trees Oregon

If you are in the area, make sure you come out for the next Speak for the Trees hosted event on October 24th @ 7 PM. 

You can find more details on their Facebook Page.

Speak for the Trees Campaign Video (2013) by Dean Hawn

Speak for the Trees Victory Followup Video (2014) by Dean Hawn