A Dirt! The Movie Retrospective

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been six years since we had our premiere at the Sundance Film Festival! Since then Dirt! The Movie has screened on PBS as its Earth Day Special in 2010; has shown in numerous festivals and events in more than 14 countries around the world; has screened for a special soil commission for the European Union in Brussels and the European Soil and Land Alliance Convention in Germany; has found friends with such organizations as the Festival of Faiths (Sacred Soil: Foundation of Life, 2010) and Interfaith Power and Light (Sow a Cool Harvest, 2012) and even received a “Dirt! The Movie Day” proclamation from Mayor Gavin Newsom in San Francisco. These are just a selection of highlights as it would take pages to name all of our fantastic partners and alliances to properly credit their ongoing work and help to us. It has been a wild ride and we are so happy that Dirt! continues to make friends and reach people through festivals, word of mouth, and your grass roots community screenings!

So many of you have reached out to us and translated and subtitled the film in numerous languages in order to reach even more people with the message of Dirt! and how we can all do our part to preserve and rejuvenate this vital resource. We are so grateful for your collaboration and interest.

Some new and/or updated features to lookout for on the site are our redesigned store, our new streaming option, and our blog (which it looks like you have found!) With the new site and its outreach capabilities we hope to continue to spread the word and keep you all updated on what is coming next.

If you have news to share, please contact us or let us know via our Facebook or Twitter.

Thank You for your continued support and interest in our film and movement.

The Dirt Team